On display:

Galleries I, II & III - Tuesday, March 19 - Sunday, June 9

Playhouse Gallery: Tuesday, March 12 – Sunday, June 2

Rotunda Gallery: Tuesday, March 26 - Sunday, June 16

Gallery Receptions

Gallery I, II, III and Rotunda Gallery: Friday, March 29, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Playhouse Gallery: Friday, March 22, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

This spring, Overture’s exhibiting artists take everyday ideas and transform them into aesthetic experiences. Harlowe and Lewis dive deep into life’s natural rhythms, while Gill and Laub’s vibrant colors speak to their upbringing and connections. Singer and Riel give everyday objects a whimsical twist, and Audifax and Landis create mystical worlds that reveal a hidden sacred reality. In the Playhouse Gallery, The Macondo Project Collective delves into cultural identity and experiences through Magical Realism. To connect and learn more, join us for artist talks at the receptions. Overture Galleries are always free and open to the public, with most artworks available for purchase.